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Thank you for stopping by Gems for Generations. Here, our aim is to equip parents to pass God's word to their children through heartfelt stories. Join us on a journey of faith and learning for children, igniting a love for God's teachings!

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Happy Parents




Jane Efua Asamoah enjoys writing in her journal about her seemingly ordinary encounters with God and people. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology from University of Ghana and her master’s degree in social work from University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. She was born and raised in Ghana, West Africa, but has lived most of her adult life in the United States of America.A full-time mom, she currently lives in Roanoke with her husband and their three precious boys. She leads the prayer ministry at her church and sees it as a great joy and honor to partner with other believers in leading children in the ways of Jesus. Jesus commissioned believers to make disciples, which she believes begins in our homes.

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The Mysterious Fence Books

The Mysterious Fence

While Kojo and his mom take a walk in their neighborhood, they make an amazing discovery! Little do they know their simple game of I Spy will spark a conversation about the mystery of an invisible God. With vivid illustrations, engaging dialogue, and biblical truth, The Mysterious Fence will engage parents and children alike.

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God's Unblinkable Eyes Books

God's Unblinkable Eyes

While his mom teaches him about the human eye, seven-year-old Kojo asks a question that sparks a whole new lesson about the eyes of God. Follow along as Kojo learns the many ways God sees His creation-from the plants, animals, and all of humankind to the wide expanse of the universe. God's Unblinkable Eyes will introduce your family to the wonder of a God who sees - OMNISCIENT!

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My Mommy's Name is Mommy Books

My Mommy's Name is Mommy

When four-year-old Kojo goes missing at the grocery store, he can't help workers find his mom because he doesn't know her real name. A stressful, harrowing situation turns into an opportunity for teaching about our Heavenly Father in this authentic, heartfelt introduction to who God is and the many ways His names reveal His nature.

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What Parents are Saying about our Children's Series

As a Christian school founder and administrator, our mission is to teach our students the love of God, to keep them grounded strongly in His word. God's Unblinkable Eyes by Gems for Generations provides a great perspective from a child's eyes to the questions the little boy poses to his mom. I love the use of scripture throughout the content and how it is explained on a child's level to aid them in making the Word applicable to their life, and the illustrations are colorful and beautiful.

––Charnika Elliott, M.Ed., Founder of Noah-Christian Academy.

God's Unblinkable Eyes

An amazing read that teaches kids an important lesson on the importance of names and belonging. A good twist, as the story is layered up in pleaseant surprises. It kept us and the kids engaged and prompted them to ask great questions afterwards. I recommend this great book.

-Kay Dee Nyamekye

My Mommy's Name is Mommy

The author teaches us how we, as adults, can use everyday events to teach, inspire and engage the children in our lives about who God is. I've begun my list and will continue to add to it as I journey through the Bible!!! Delightful, simply delightful!!!

-ReRe Cappoli

My Mommy's Name is Mommy

I loved My Mommy's Name is Mommy by Gems for Generations! I read it to my K4 class and they were so excited to learn God’s many names. We were able to talk about His names and what they mean. The pictures were beautifully done as well. I highly recommend this book.

Annette J.

My Mommy's Name is Mommy

The Mysterious Fence beautifully presents important and deep truths about God in a way that is easy for children to understand. Though we cannot see God, He is always at work around us. The bright illustrations and engaging storyline will capture the heart and attention of readers. Children and parents alike will be encouraged as they consider how our great, invisible God is present and working, though we cannot see him with our eyes

-Dinisha Fether, Lower School Principal at RVCS

The Mysterious Fence

In God’s Unblinkable Eyes the author models for us how to have everyday conversations with our children and grandchildren about the attributes of God. The illustrations are colorful and engaging.

-Lila Register

God's Unblinkable Eyes

Parents, you know how kids grab a book and want you to read it over and over again until you think you might scream? I know you know exactly what I am talking about!
With "The Mysterious Fence" by Gems for Generations, you will be delighted to read and re-read this story to your elementary aged children over and over again because it is filled with biblical truths about the character of God.

--Chris Moyer

The Mysterious Fence

My Mommy's Name is Mommy by Gems for Generations is a real trasure. A beautifully illustrated story that will capture your eye, quicken your heart and stimulate your mind.

-Kate Mark

My Mommy's Name is Mommy

This book series by Gems for Generations is a blend of wonder, faith, and imagination. The stories create meaningful conversations about God. Very captivating.

--D. B. Ruff

“Faith-filled Books for Kids” 3 Book Series

I read My Mommy's Name is Mommy by Gems for Generations with excitement. The story leads little ones on an intentional path to discovering God's different names. It's stimulating for both parent and child and the illustrations make the story come to life in ways that causes everything to engage all senses and takes children on a wonderful adventure into the names of God. The author managed to take an ordinary life event and turn it into a gripping learning event for all. Love it!!!!

---Marfer Kardosie

My Mommy's Name is Mommy

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    My mom wasn't super strict, but she had a strong sense of right and wrong that she shared with me. It was all about following our Christian beliefs. If I stepped out of line, she'd remind me, "We don’t do...

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    What Have You Heard About Jesus? (PARENTS AS EVANGELISTS)

    When I read stories like the woman with the issue of blood (Mark5:24–34), the Syrophoenician woman (Mark 7:24–30), blind Bartimaeus (Mark10:46–52), Zacchaeus (Luke 19:1–10), the centurion (Matthew 8:5–13), etc., I get very excited—but not about their great faith even though...

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    March 6, 2024 Jane Asamoah


    Have you ever wondered why Christians are called believers? Believers, just like little children, embrace their parents' words with unwavering faith. They don't attempt to unravel every mystery before accepting truths. In the Bible, what we often see as extraordinary...

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