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USA free shipping on orders over $35.

Our Logo's Symbolism of Wisdom Passed Through Generations

Our logo's story is deeply rooted in the Sankofa bird, a powerful Ghanaian (African) symbol representing the wisdom of looking back to move forward. The Sankofa bird embodies the idea that understanding our past informs our journey toward a brighter future.

At Gems for Generations, the Sankofa bird symbolizes the importance of honoring our heritage and learning from history. Just as the Sankofa bird looks back while moving forward, it represents the act of passing down wisdom and values from one generation to the next.

The egg held in the Sankofa bird's mouth within your logo embodies the precious wisdom and knowledge meant to be carried forward to future generations. This concept aligns beautifully with the mission of Gems for Generations—to equip parents with resources and stories that transmit God's teachings and values to children, forming a solid foundation for their future (Psalm 78).

Our logo encapsulates the essence of preserving wisdom, nurturing faith, and ensuring that invaluable lessons are passed down through the generations, much like the Sankofa bird's significance in African culture.