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What one gift in your life do you treasure the most? Is it the new job that is so perfect for your skills and interests? Perhaps a gift someone thoughtfully chose for you. Or a loving spouse and children? Did you receive these things with joy and thankfulness? And maybe it’s hard to choose just one that you treasure most.

When my middle son was five, it was hard to ignore the excitement on his face whenever he shared how much he loves his trains and plushies. He reminded me of one thing – Praise. He showed his toys to his friends and whoever was willing to see it. He willingly told people that his dad bought his toys for him.

Even though he may not have realized it, he was essentially praising his father for giving him something that he really adored. He was indirectly saying, “Dad, I like this gift so much that I’m going to tell everyone how much it means to me.”

My son enjoyed playing with his gifts and sometimes would even go to bed at night with his plushies and trains spread all around him on his bed.

When was the last time you gave praises to God for something that He generously gave you? It is very important to cherish gifts God showers on us every day. God gives us the gift of life, family, friends, shelter, job, food, protection, good health, and more.

Little children receive gifts with joy. As children of God, we should appreciate and give thanks to Him for His gifts especially the ones that we are tempted to perceive as little.

God daily loads us with blessings (Psalm 68:19) and we have to hold them dear to our hearts and sing praises about them any chance we can get.

As we celebrate Christmas, let us remember the ultimate gift of love that God bestowed upon us through the birth of Jesus Christ. Just like how my son joyfully praises his father for the gifts he receives, let us also express our gratitude and praise to God for sending His Son to be our Savior. May our hearts be filled with praise and thanksgiving as we reflect on the precious gift of Jesus during this special time of the year.





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