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When my family and I moved to Roanoke, one of the coolest places we checked out was the Roanoke Star (for those not in Roanoke, you can google Roanoke Star).
On our first Christmas in Roanoke, the Roanoke Star caught my eye one night while I was driving on the highway. It's an impressive sight that grabs the attention of many drivers.
I wondered if the star the wise men followed to find baby Jesus was as grand and easy to spot as the Roanoke Star. Could everyone see it but not really get what it meant?
Or maybe it was just the wise men who could spot it and knew what it meant. I even thought about how the wise men were walking. Were they walking all weird, making people around them wonder what was up with them?
It reminded me of a scene from Mr. Bean Holiday. You know, Mr. Bean was so focused on getting to his destination that he didn't care who he bumped into. He literally had his eye on the map as he walked.
Of course, I know the wise men wouldn't have done anything like that. It's just a funny idea. Maybe they were walking or riding their horses with one eye on the star and the other eye on the road. Weird stuff to think about, I know!
Imagine if God hooked us up with a star to guide us through all stages of life. Wouldn't that be so awesome? Well, the truth is we got more than just a star. God has blessed us with His precious Son, who is also known as the Bright Morning Star in the Book of Revelation.
Today, we all have the choice to be like the Wisemen and follow Jesus, the Bright Morning Star, who will lead us to a life that's beyond amazing because He's the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6).
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